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Underground Mining Equipment

Professional R&D team has been researching and following up the working condition and performance of the underground equipment for more than 10 years, and keep improving the equipment step by step and also developing the new models gradually, Taisann has become one of the most professional manufacturers of the underground mining equipment in China. Besides long time researching, we also choose the most reliable parts to ensure the performance under harsh working condition, by applying Deutz, Cummins, Mercedes Benz and Volvo engine, Dana Transmission, Dana and Kessler Axle, Parker pump and valves. With the sales volume of more than 500 sets per year, the equipment is widely used on the mines in China, and also exported to Sudan, Peru, Russia, Botswana, DRC, Laos, Chile, Mexico, etc. After more than 20 years’ development, our underground equipment range covers: