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Rotary Actuator

Rotary Actuator for both Sandvik and Epiroc Jumbo and Bolter

With more than 5 years experience of producing the rotary actuators, the standard models of rotary actuators are widely used on the heavy equipment on Chinese market, and is the supplier of the well-known brands in China.

Upon request of the client from USA, we developed the models for Sandvik and Epiroc jumbo and bolters after receiving the sample from the client, to ensure that the specifications like torque, rotating angle and installation dimensions are completely the same with the original model, but the internal structure is redesigned by our technical team to avoid the patent problem, so that you can sell our products at any places without involving in the patent problem.

Currently, we have the widely used Sandvik and Epiroc models available, and for other models, you can send us the pictures and dimensions to check, and if we do not have, we can also develop it for you within 2 months after receiving all the needed specifications. 

To ensure the quality, all the o-rings on our products are customized from SKF USA directly to ensure the service life of the seals.

These products have been supplied to USA and South Africa, and passed all the tests, and installed on the jumbo and bolter without any problem.


The following Part No. are what we have available, and can be shipped to you very quickly:

For Sandvik
Part No.
For Epiroc
Part No.