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Feed Beam

Feed Beam for both Sandvik and Epiroc Jumbo

Applying 7020 Aluminum Alloy to produce the feed beam, 7020 Aluminum Alloy is used to produce the airplane, and the original feed beam is also using this material, which means the strength and hardness of our feed beam is highly ensured, on the same with the original feed beam.

The feed beam is normally changed by the end-user according to their need, and we have the profile of both Sandvik and Epiroc feed beam in stock, which can be processed into what you need, just send us the drawing, and we will make the same for you, that means we can customize any of your need on the feed beam according to your requirement.

Besides the feed beam, we also have the stainless steel strips on the four angles, as well as the spare parts related to it.

So for any model you need, just contact us, and we can discuss in details, and you will get the right you need at a much lower price.